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We have dedicated account managers who are always at hand to help with any queries you may have.

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We can process same day payments and we run multiple payrolls per day, so you’ll always be paid on time.

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We’re always on top of the latest legislation, whether it’s employment intermediaries or expenses reforms.

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We offer all employees top of the line employment support and benefits so you can rest assured your contractors are content.

The perfect solution for both contractors and recruiters

We’ve been working with contractors and their finances for 30 years, which means we’ve developed an expertise for all things contracting. We’re currently partnered with numerous recruitment agencies, who trust us with their contractors implicitly. Our swift, efficient system means we can set up contractors within minutes, and our expertise in legislation means that they will always stay 100% compliant.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent support, so it’s important that we’re constantly improving. We value feedback highly, so whether it’s from you or your contractors, we’ll be delighted to hear how our services can be enhanced.

Additionally, our support team is always growing in order to deal with contractor queries, which means they are more likely to contact us for information without bothering you. We understand how distracting queries can be when you’re trying to get along with placing candidates and earning commission, so you can rest assured that your contractors are in good hands, and get along with more important things.

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Why work with us?

  • Over 30 years experience in the contractor accounting market
  • Managed payments and accounts for thousands of contractors
  • Trusted by numerous industry leading recruitment agencies across the UK
  • Experienced team of legal and compliance experts to keep up to date with legislation changes
  • Extremely competitive weekly margins for contractors
  • Easy to use online portal that lets contractors submit expenses