Our Umbrella Company

Sapphire offers an umbrella company solution that’s a convenient alternative for contractors who have no desire to set up a limited company. We organise the paperwork and administrative tasks for contractors who are employed on a Pay As You Earn scheme, ensuring that the contractor no longer has the hassle of IR35. We also deal with all your administration tasks which includes calculating your tax, national Insurance obligations and making payments to HMRC. Additionally, we’ll be able to help you in every step of the process by offering you the best line employment support and benefits.
We’ll make contracting a hassle-free process for anybody looking to make the switch. Our experts are always on hand to ensure they can answer any queries you may have – just get in touch!

More of Our Services

SME Accounting

We specialise in services aimed at Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and work with them to gain an understanding of their ultimate aims. We’ve accumulated over 30 years experience and have been developing these relationships, which have become a core part of our business.

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A limitless limited company

If you’d like a little more responsibility and to gain more control over your finances in return for better pay, perhaps you should consider setting up a limited company with Sapphire Accounting. Our accountancy and tax experts specialise in IR35, provide flat rate VAT scheme advice and various other services to relieve the stress of running your business.

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Umbrella or Limited Company?

At Sapphire, we want to help you choose which contracting option is right for you. That’s why we’re always here to give you
the best advice no matter which stage of your contract you’re at. Whether you’re leaning towards an umbrella or a limited company, we can help you make the jump.

Our expertly qualified accountants and advisors are dedicated to giving you great support and are always on hand whenever you need help, whether it’s over the phone, Email or through our live chat.